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Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

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Holiday travel can be enough to put a damper on anyone’s holiday. Holiday travel chaos is the reason Kevin McAllister ended up getting separated from his family in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

The latest ice and snow storm also has thrown some curveballs our way.

Traveling and commuting can be stressful and unfortunately Google has yet to come out with a “teleportation app” but we will forgive them because the world has so many beautiful things to offer and traveling is just one of the many ways we can explore them.

Holiday Travel Tips:

1. Leave early, avoid the stress of feeling behind.

2. Do not drive fatigued. Be well rested and ready to go.

3. Drive slowly. In bad weather conditions remember that nothing happens as fast as it does on good roads. Give yourself time to do everything including stopping and turning.

4. Always wear your seatbelt.

5. Know your brakes. Be familiar with your brakes. Know how they work before going out into the weather.

6. Pack an emergency kit in your car. Have your cell phone fully charged, a first aid kit, blankets, food and water in your car just in case you get stuck somewhere.

7. Leave room between you and the vehicle in front of you. Add a few more seconds to the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

8. Think positive thoughts, visualize a great day and great holiday season. It will help you remember why you are traveling.

If the conditions are good, and you are looking for ideas to spice up the holiday travel:

9. Listen to audiobooks and/or podcasts. Have a book you have been meaning to read? Want to discover a podcast about your passions or hobbies? Long drives are the perfect time to do that.

10. Keep an eye out for unique landmarks or art. If your drive is one you have taken before or take often, try looking for something you have never noticed before like a new mural or a new bakery.

11. Make a new playlist. Who doesn’t love singing lyrics at the top of your lungs in the car?

12. Think of your bucket list. Long trips can be a good time to unplug from your everyday thoughts and think about what you want in life and steps you can take to get there.

13. Think of everything you are thankful for. If thinking of the future is too stressful, think of everything that you are thankful for.

14. Talk yourself through important conversations you are expecting to have. Do you want to ask for a raise? Do you need to talk to a family member about something you have been putting off? Practice your words out loud to yourself on your journey.

15. Do something nice for someone before you start your journey. It will make you feel better and gets you in the holiday spirit!

16. When flying, pack your patience. Flying somewhere for the holidays can be stressful and the feeling of having little control can create anxiety. Know that the unexpected will happen.

17. Pack light and pack early. Packing is the worst, and there is still no app for it, but it is important to think about packing and to travel light. Lighter travel can save time and money.

18. Research. Look up directions to your destination and know the area and where rest stops/food stops are just in case.

19. Bring snacks. Don’t get caught with hunger fueled emotions. Pack some of your favorite road snacks.

20. Have Fun. Plan a fun event to do with your family, go out and explore the city, stop in unique places along the way. Life is too short to make traveling a burden.