Inn at the 5th Staff Picks

Discover exciting area attractions and outdoor excursions, explore Eugene’s sports, arts and music scene, or plan ahead for upcoming cultural events. Our Staff Picks blog will help you make the most of your stay in Eugene, Oregon.

  •  arboretum

    Exploring the Mount Pisgah Arboretum

    September 02

    Just a quick 15-minute drive from the Inn at the 5th, Mount Pisgah Arboretum has provided us city dwellers with a grand sanctuary of natural splendor for over four decades.

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  • green grapes in vineyard

    The Extraordinary Pinot Grigio of King Estate Winery

    August 05

    Are you a fan of Pinot Grigio (a.k.a., Pinot Gris)? If you enjoy the white wine variant of Pinot noir as much as we do—or you’ve not yet had the pleasure of imbibing this sumptuous palate pleaser—we highly recommend a trip to the King Estate Winery, located a scenic half-hour’s drive from our hotel.

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  • red tailed hawk landing

    Into the Wild at the Cascades Raptor Center

    July 01

    Majestic, beautiful, and graceful creatures of the air, raptors are birds of prey such as eagles, falcons, hawks, kites, ospreys, and owls. At the Cascades Raptor Center, located just 15 minutes by car from our hotel, you can observe these astonishing animals up close in one of the Pacific Northwest’s most comprehensive collections of indigenous raptor species.

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  • actors jumping on stage

    The Hult Center for the Performing Arts: Bringing the World's Best to the Pacific Northwest

    June 03

    Eugene’s greatest asset is its vibrant artistic sensibility. Whatever your true love may be—whether folk music, landscape painting, aerial circus, poetry, or modern dance—you’re almost guaranteed to find a community of like-minded enthusiasts in our dynamic city. 

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  • red rose bush

    The Owen Rose Garden

    May 06

    One of the great botanical treasures of Oregon, Eugene’s Owen Rose Garden encompasses eight-and-a-half breathtaking acres along the Willamette River. Shortly after the land was donated to the city in 1951, the Eugene Rose Society provided the original 750 rose bushes.

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  • chef talking to guests

    Marché Restaurant: Eugene’s Gustatory Gem

    April 01

    For a long while, it seemed as though the food scene in Eugene would never quite catch up to the culinary powerhouse of Portland. In recent years, however, Eugene has continually proven its fine-dining bona fides as more and more of our restaurants garner praise for their superior service and world-class cuisines.

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  • couple drinking coffee at market

    Discover the City’s Most Delicious Eats on the Taste Eugene Foodie Tour

    March 04

    With its reputation as Oregon’s hippest up-and-coming city (sorry, Portland), Eugene is fast becoming one of the Pacific Northwest’s great centers of culture. That’s true not only of the arts community, but also the vibrant and varied food scene, which covers the gamut from trendy food trucks, to mom-and-pop cafés, to delicious gourmet dining.

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  • vintage prop plane in field

    Let Your Imagination Soar at the Oregon Air and Space Museum

    February 04

    In December 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright made history when they took to the air for a sustained flight just a few miles south of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Now, little more than a century later, air and space travel have advanced to a degree the Wright Brothers could barely have dreamt of. 

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  • children at science museum

    The Eugene Science Center: A Place for Kids and Families

    January 07

    The Eugene Science Center, formerly known as The Science Factory, has changed names and locations quite a few times during its nearly six-decade existence. Since its inception, however, the center has been animated by the drive to teach kids about the thrilling world of science in a fun, interactive environment.

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  • chinese embroidery of a crane

    The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art

    December 03

    Built in 1933 to showcase the Murray Warner Collection of Oriental Art, which numbered around 3700 unique pieces, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is now home to over 13,000 works from Japan, China, Korea, South & Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia, the Islamic World, and North & South America.

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  • Thousands of Years of History at the University of Oregon

    November 05

    One of the nation’s premier public institutions of higher learning, the University of Oregon is a cornerstone of Eugene’s vibrant artistic and intellectual community.

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  • Great Pumpkins and Wicked Good Fun for a Great Cause

    October 22

    Halloween – the very word conjures up images of glowing jack o’ lanterns, spooky ghosts, terrifying tales, and, of course, parties of children in full Halloween regalia out for trick-or-treating. Sound like fun? Then, gather the family and head over to the 5th Street Public Market for the Haunted Market on October 30-31.

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  • The Ecological Splendor of the Mount Pisgah Arboretum

    September 03

    As summer transitions to fall in the Pacific Northwest, what better way to enjoy the cooling temps than a journey into the great outdoors?

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  • The Marvelous Varietals of King Estate Winery

    August 06

    Just a short half-hour’s drive from our hotel, the King Estate Winery is one of the most celebrated vineyards and winemakers in the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Experiencing Birds of the Wild at the Cascades Raptor Center

    July 04

    Have you ever seen a raptor in person? (And no, we’re not referring to those crafty dinosaurs that menaced the heroes of Jurassic Park.) If not, you’re in for a treat because Eugene is home to the Cascades Raptor Center, a thriving wildlife hospital and permanent habitat for eagles, owls, hawks, and other birds of prey.

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  • Eugene's Eclectic Artistic Sensibility Thrives at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts

    June 05

    Whatever your artistic passion is—woodwork, portraiture, classical ballet, poetry, folk music—there’s bound to be a thriving community of creators for you here in Eugene. The Hult Center for the Performing Arts, just a five-minute stroll from our hotel, reflects the city’s creative diversity in the eclectic mix of world-class performances that grace their stage year round.

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  • A Day Trip to Willamette Valley

    May 07

    A trip to Oregon isn’t complete without a visit to Willamette Valley. Local’s tip, it’s pronounced Willamette like "dammit" (you’ll thank us when you visit).

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  • What's in a Name?

    March 05

    What’s in a name? For us, it’s the center of our gravity. Bringing an upscale and boutique market experience to life, the 5th Street Public Market is indicative of our namesake. Truly local in nature, the market welcomes you the moment you step out of our doors. 

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