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How to Relax During the Holiday Season

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Every year December shows up at our door faster than it did the year before. We welcome December with open arms because it brings suitcases full of memories, laughter, time with loved ones and cheer. It also brings stress, busy schedules and long to-do lists.

The holidays can add onto our already busy schedules filled with work, family, passions and hobbies. With so much going on and so much opportunity to do more, we have little time to relax. In fact, we often feel guilty if we let ourselves unplug or take a break.

The reality is self-care is essential for health and happiness.

Saying that we are going to take a break when we “get a chance” isn’t enough nowadays. We must actively schedule down time otherwise we move on to the next thing in our life.

Our natural reaction is to push through the holiday season and wait to rest after. Don’t wait. Look at our Bed and Breakfast Package wake up rested in one of our hotel rooms and start your day at Provisions Market Hall. Or look at our Romance Package to relax with your loved one.

Enjoy this holiday season and don't forget to take time for you.